Tuesday, September 11, 2007



It's happened. I'm offically outgrowing you. I felt it coming on. I could only take my "Super Sweet Sixteen" in small doses and then it simply became too much. The whining and idiotic opining of overweight midwest rich girls planning their party entrances with the same intensity as General Petraues preparing for the surge somehow lost its zing. I found myself flipping the channel. The Real World started to feel like one big, season-long rerun and I actually missed Carson Daly on TRL. Whereas once I was the viewer, devouring all the force-fed impressionable mind candy you had to offer, I am now on a serious MTV diet. The last dish served came at the annual VMAs. And yes it has to do with Britney, ya'll, but it's not about her lackluster, lazy, hazy, how-could-you-let-that-happen performance. At this point (a parent in my thirties), I expect to be offended and put off by the overly-sexed up performances more about hair extensions and shock value than music. I am actually outraged by the two minutes following Brit's performance.

Enter Sarah Silverman. Sometimes I find her funny. Most times I don't. Last night, I found her mean. I am all up for celebrity joshing. But I am not up for cracks at that expense of Hollywood children unless they're begging for it (see Rumor Willis, Brody Jenner). After you, MTV, use Britney to hype your in-need-of-ratings awards show, you allow Silverman to go on not a minute after Spears' public display of affliction and comment that her children are the most adorable mistakes you will ever see." It was exactly in this moment that it was over. Our relationship. I had to change the channel.

Guess I'll have to catch that much-talked-about Chris Brown performance on You Tube!